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Best natural looking colored contact lenses for dark eyes and light eyes online, no prescription needed.
Changing the original appearance of the eyes by coating the lenses is now a trend. What would you look like with someone else's eyes? The color of your eyes speaks about your personality.
The best of Fancy Lenses Sclera 22mm
full black sclera contact lenses

The most popular: All black sclera contact lenses 22mm

Lenses Sclera 22mm, cover all your eyes, the effect is surprising! These lenses will complete your disguise.

Our advice make up: Before makeup you must first put your lenses, it's a trick!
special effect red sclera

Red full eye sclera contact lenses 22 mm

Red as hell must be, these fantasy lenses will give you a really gripping look and terrifying that may terrorize even the bravest of them. In addition, these disguise lenses, also called sclera lenses, have the distinction of covering the eye for an even more horrible and inhuman effect. Devil's lenses are 22mm in diameter and can be reused for 6 months.
White Sclera contact lenses

Totally covering white zombie contact lenses

These large lenses of 22 mm have the distinction of covering the entire globe of the eye. They are so named because of the white part of the eye is called the sclera. You can use these lenses for a year by keeping them in the salt solution.
black and white sclera

The new Black and White sclera lenses

White & Black sclera lenses are the most sought after on the market! They are the perfect accessory for Halloween and will give you a surprise and look at the same time: it's clear, you will not go unnoticed! They will complete your make-up and Goth Halloween or demon disguise for example.
black and red sclera contact lenses

Black and red sclera contact lenses just for you

Color of temperance and humanity, the amethyst controls bad thoughts, refines the mind, develops the sense of business and makes sober. It strengthens the soul of those who wear it, helps to overcome fear and phobias, gives a cheerful temperament and a beautiful complexion. Amethyst, symbol of fortune and strength, protecting from bad luck.
Get terrific big eyes with full eye Sclera contacts lenses
Sclera lenses are probably the most original, and the most eccentric ones that can be found on the market. Unlike usual lenses, they completely cover the eye. It is therefore preferable to have had the habit of wearing lenses that only cover the iris before launching into the use of this unique category.

The change with these lenses is radical. The designs that borrow mystery and strange make them perfect to complete a Halloween disguise. You can choose between several lenses: sclera black which are completely black, sclera black and white that reverse the natural colors of the eyes, sclera red which will give a bright red color to the eye, sclera skin whose color is akin to the hue of a white skin, and Tokyo ghoul lenses that perfectly combine black and red shades. Whatever lenses in this collection you choose, the change will be radical and impressive. You will create feelings of any kind, ranging from the greatest fright to the utter amazement. They will go to all men and women, that your eyes be clear or dark.

The most popular

The most popular color for sclera contact lenses is black or red. These lenses completely cover the eye for a optimum effect. The Sclera lenses exist in multiple color for a perfect match with your costume or your lifestyle. There are a variety of printing sclera contact lenses style. This will give you a perfect effect to your eyes and you can be sure you will be noticed by others persons for your unique style. 
The Largest Selection of sclera contact lenses for all occasions. If you like variety, we have lenses who will become your favorite companions to brighten your day.
These lenses with no effect on the view, change the appearance of the eyes such as color.  However, be sure you are informed of the risks...
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