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Best realistic cosmetic contact lenses that look like cat eyes. Can be scary !
Transform your look with cat's eye lenses. They will bring you a feline and intense look. They are ideal for your costume parties or for Halloween..
Cat eyes contact lenses collection
The collection of cat's eye lenses
white cat eyes contact lenses

Pair of fancy contact lenses imitating white cat eyes.

White cat eye lenses are perfect for parties and costume parties. Ideal for accentuating your whimsical look, these types of lenses are most popular on Halloween nights. The almond-shaped pupils of these lenses completely transform the look and give you a feline look.
Yellow contact

They perfectly imitate the eyes of your favorite pet, the cat.

Yellow cat's eye contact lenses are perfect for completing a disguise, or simply creating a surprise by revealing a scary look.

These lenses for single use allow you an optimal simplicity of use and an eye hygiene irreproachable.
Red cat lenses

Red cat eye lenses to change your look.

These fancy red cat eyes contact lenses for adults are available. They mimic the atypical form of the pupil of cat's eyes. They measure 14.2 mm in diameter.
orange cat eye contact

Realistic orange cat eye contact lenses.

Do you want to get cat eyes for your next role plays? These orange cat eye lenses will give you a beautiful and strange feline look.
light green cat eye

Bright green snake cat eye lenses.

For theme parties or scare your friends, you can opt for fancy lenses. Eye of cat or snake, everything is possible.
dark green

Cat lenses for an unforgettable party.

For special occasions, you can opt for lenses that will radically change the color of your eyes. To intensify or rejuvenate a look. Colorful lenses are ideal for all occasions. They match with your make-up, your clothes, and have a good-looking effect.
Realistic cat eye contacts - Non prescription
The new realistic cat eye contacts lenses are giving a very special look. You either like it or hate it, but one thing is certain: impossible to go unnoticed with these lenses regardless of color. They completely transform your eyes and provide a very special feline look. If you want to provide a starry surprise your entourage, choose the feline eye adapted to your desires.

Your cat eyes will look like small blisters. The second are of various colors and varied. Yellow, orange, purple, aqua, red, pink, green, and also blue. They will suit any occasion and can be worn day or night. Whatever the natural color of your eyes, clear or dark, the rendering will be the same, the iris being completely covered by the opaque color of the lenses.

Kitty is wild. The lenses will cover your natural eyes and will transform your pupils into a silhouette of a cat.

The cat eyes lens let you unleash your inner feline while  providing you with classic style that entirely whites out your eye color. Your pupil is transformed into a new cat eye look.
Put on a disguise of Catwoman
Dare to wear fancy color lenses for New Year's Eve parties! This is the best opportunity he has with Halloween to take the step to rejuvenate his style, embellish, bring a little bit of madness to his look, show that we are still trendy, or again, as part of a disguised evening, like a real character or movie, but also an animal or an imaginary creature.

Fancy color lenses have the power to transform your eyes, to embellish them, lighten them as darker, give them a threatening, confusing and frightening expression, or on the contrary, cheerful, reassuring and sassy. They also have the power to give the impression that you have very large eyes of Manga doll thanks to the Korean lenses or circles lenses that are all the rage in the fashion world at the moment. They can also revive the little flame in your eyes by bringing shine, a glow, a shine through a play of light and color that will flatter your eyes and your face and make it more expressive.
The Largest Selection of coloured contact lenses for all occasions. If you like variety, we have lenses who will become your favorite companions to brighten your day.
These lenses with no effect on the view, change the appearance of the eyes such as color.  However, be sure you are informed of the risks...
Guide offering tips and advice on buying no prescription colored contact lenses and at affordable prices.
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