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Best natural looking colored contact lenses for dark eyes and light eyes online, no prescription needed.
Changing the original appearance of the eyes by coating the lenses is now a trend. What would you look like with someone else's eyes? The color of your eyes speaks about your personality.
Anyone can wear colored contact lenses

The most popular is blue colored contact lenses

Blue eyes enter the current western beauty canon. Many models found on the cover of magazines have this eye color. The tone of the blue lenses is full of meaning. Blue is often associated with the sea and the sky. The calm and tranquility of these large expanses recall peace and freshness. Yet this adjective brings back youth and beauty. It also reflects a lot of light just like white. The blue lens on brown eyes radically changes the look and can seduce with this daring change.
Green contact lenses

Look the different shades of green contact lenses

Have you ever seen Robert Pattinson's green eyes? To damn a saint! And there is a reason. Green eyes are rare, so they give an impression of mystery, and can even seem downright mesmerizing. Someone with green eyes can not easily walk on their feet. This color also symbolizes spirituality and inspiration.
glamour grey color contact lenses

Natural looking - Gray contact lenses without prescription

People with gray eyes look more sophisticated and intelligent. Creativity and leadership would also be peculiar to gray eyes. Are you concerned? Know that many people would like to work in your company, because you give the impression of being able to keep your calm and your composure in all circumstances.
classic brown eye

Natural looking - Gray contact lenses without prescription

People with brown eyes give the impression of being a very reliable person. Dark-eyed people are often perceived as kind, trustworthy and conservative. Brown is the most common color for the eyes, and so - at first glance - not very special. But beware: dark brown eyes are the sexiest!

The surnatural violet amethyst contact lens

Color of temperance and humanity, the amethyst controls bad thoughts, refines the mind, develops the sense of business and makes sober. It strengthens the soul of those who wear it, helps to overcome fear and phobias, gives a cheerful temperament and a beautiful complexion. Amethyst, symbol of fortune and strength, protecting from bad luck.
red contact lenses

Suitable for both, clear and dark eyes

Red contact lenses are designed to be used on a single day, they are of a single color, the red, which completely encircles the pupil which then emerges as a black dot. They will be perfect for a nightclub outing. Your red eyes will distinguish you from everyone else and make you the star of the area. Man or woman, it will show through your eyes passion, warmth, joy of life, and especially the desire to have fun. You will give the pace, the others will follow.
Most popular Colored Eye Contacts - No prescription
It is more difficult to wear color lenses when you have dark eyes. Some colors like sapphire blue and deep green conjugent is good enough and your eyes will shine. Opaque lenses is particularly suitable for dark eyes. They are designed as a natural iris.

The first colored lenses do not offer much choice for brown eyes. Today, lens technology has evolved, and you can use multiple colors. Avoid lenses for improvement: they are primarily intended to enhance the natural color, but are suitable for green eyes, blue or gray. Choose rather opaque lenses. They come in green, blue or purple. Warning: these lenses radically change your look !

The soft color lenses that we offer without a prescription have the enormous advantage of being very easy to use, to bring additional comfort and they will give you many satisfactions just like
makeup since they have become today real trendy cosmetic accessories that will attract all eyes. So you can, according to your desires, your dress and opportunities, choose one model over another, vary colors, design and natural effects.

The range of patterns and shades is endless. Some lenses play in transparency with your original eye color to lightly tint them to produce a natural effect. Also, if you have clear eyes, you can afford azure blue, navy blue, gray blue eyes, or emerald green eyes, green almonds or linden green. And if you have dark brown or black eyes you will have at your disposal a choice almost as vast and diverse thanks to the opaque lenses.

For light eyes

The choice is much wider. You can start by trying the lenses of the same color as your eyes, but more sustained. For example, dark green on light green eyes, or on chocolate eyes. Sustained and uniform color contact lenses color will complement your look. For blue eyes, the color blue or deep blue water embellish your look. The lenses are also suitable blue gray eyes. Gray blue tint results appear very natural and attractive.
The Largest Selection of coloured contact lenses for all occasions. If you like variety, we have lenses who will become your favorite companions to brighten your day.
These lenses with no effect on the view, change the appearance of the eyes such as color.  However, be sure you are informed of the risks...
Guide offering tips and advice on buying no prescription colored contact lenses and at affordable prices.
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