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Discover how to choose colored contact lenses for dark eyes online, the most natural looking.
The best way for change the appearance of your dark eyes is by choosing the opaque contact lenses. The opaque lenses will completely cover your iris and totally dye the color of your eyes.
Opaque colored contact lenses
Opaque blue contact lense

The best seller opaque contact lenses is blue, for sure !

Opaque or tinted blue contact lenses are the type of colored lenses most often used for dark eyes. Opaque lenses do not let much light on the original color of the eyes, as the lens surface covers the eye. These lenses are suitable for those who want to completely change color.
Green opaque lenses

Green opaque contact lenses in different shades

Opaque colored contact lenses allow you to change the color of your eyes whenever you want. You can start the day with eyes of a color and finish with eyes of another color for a dinner or party. Opaque lenses are perfect for you if you want to enhance the color of your eyes. This means that in recent years, the market for colored lenses has grown enormously. More and more people are discovering the possibilities offered by color lenses and wanting to test it.
glamour grey color contact lenses

Opaque contact lenses for a realistic and Natural looking

Decorative opaque contact lenses are flexible. They are available with or without correction, so you can get them even if you have perfect vision. Most have an opaque hue that completely hides your iris, covering it with impressive colors and designs. The center of the lens is transparent, so you can see through it.
classic brown eye

Natural looking - Gray contact lenses without prescription

Who has never dreamed of having a different eyes color? Or maybe change her dark brown eyes to an ocular blue to make your look more intense? This is possible with opaque lenses corrective or non-corrective versions (also known as cosmetic lenses). The choice is varied, we invite you to consult our guide to help you choose the best color lenses for you.
How to remove them?
Have the evening been a success? Do not forget to remove your lenses before going to bed! Be sure to wash your hands to reduce the risk of infection or injury. Prepare the case for your lenses by filling it with fresh water (see our article to take care of your contact lenses). Starting with your right eye, look upwards at the lower eyelid with your middle finger. With your right finger finger, slide the lens towards the sclera and gently pinch it between your finger and thumb to pick it up and remove it from your eye. Rinse the lens with the solution in the palm of your hand then place it in the holster. Repeat with the other eye.

That's all!.

How to put them?

The first step is to wash and dry your hands. Rub your hands with warm water and soap and dry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. Beginning with the right eye, place the right lens on the tip of your right finger, then pull the upper eyelid with your left middle finger. Lower your eyelid with your right middle finger so you do not blink. Gently place the contact lens in the center of your eye. Let go of your eyelids and blink sometimes to place them well. Repeat with the other eye.

It is done!
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These lenses with no effect on the view, change the appearance of the eyes such as color.  However, be sure you are informed of the risks...
Guide offering tips and advice on buying no prescription opaque colored contact lenses and at affordable prices.
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