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Top 5 Merry Christmas contact lens

Offering colorful contact lenses is not the thing you would think about for Christmas, but if you think about it, it is a very original and useful gift that will satisfy both women and men. Forget traditional gifts like books, CDs, DVDs, chocolate boxes that will make you happy. It is certain, it will be

Multi colored contact lenses like rainbow

Want to try for the first time the so-called “cosmetic rainbow colored contact lenses” but you do not know which model to buy among the huge choice that you offered? We offer a little shopping guide that will allow you to find your way easily. Visit to an ophthalmologist: We recommend first, if it is

Is there colored contact lenses for astigmatism ?

What to do when you are astigmatic? There are several solutions to overcome this deficiency. The most radical recommended for the most severe cases of astigmatism is to have a laser surgery to change the curvature of the cornea. The second is to wear glasses with corrective lenses and the third is to wear contact

Can I buy color lenses without a prescription?

You would have liked to have turquoise blue eyes, azure blue, emerald green or hazelnut? All of these dreams are well within your reach today thanks to color contact lenses. Unlike the so-called ophthalmic correction lenses, purely aesthetic, but of the highest quality, fancy lenses can now be bought without a prescription. Just like makeup