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The woman with 27 contact lenses – Crazy

Coming to surgery for a cataract problem last November, a 67-year-old woman patient was surprised to learn that she had forgotten more than twenty lenses in her eye. This Londoner had felt a little discomfort and a certain dryness in her eye, but she thought it was due to old age and early cataracts. However,

Wearing contact lenses and dry eye syndrome in front of the computer

Dry eye syndrome is a well-known phenomenon that affects almost everyone. It concerns them that they are concentrated in their computer screen, a smartphone or tablet to work, play a game, chat or just surf the Internet. This phenomenon causes a variety of symptoms such as irritation, burning, tearing, light sensitivity, itching, eyestrain, or blurred

Why red eyes with contact lenses?

Different factors can explain red eyes, they appear because small blood vessels are dilated in the sclera, the white part of your eye that extends the cornea. Your eyes may be irritated, tired, itching or burning. But whatever the cause, it’s something you have to deal with seriously by doing the right thing, that is,