Top 5 Merry Christmas contact lens

Offering colorful contact lenses is not the thing you would think about for Christmas, but if you think about it, it is a very original and useful gift that will satisfy both women and men. Forget traditional gifts like books, CDs, DVDs, chocolate boxes that will make you happy. It is certain, it will be

The woman with 27 contact lenses – Crazy

Coming to surgery for a cataract problem last November, a 67-year-old woman patient was surprised to learn that she had forgotten more than twenty lenses in her eye. This Londoner had felt a little discomfort and a certain dryness in her eye, but she thought it was due to old age and early cataracts. However,

Baby: what will be the color of his eyes ?

It is possible to predict the color of your baby’s eyes. How? Consult our table and you will know the color of his eyes! The definitive color of baby’s eyes; from when will we know it? All children who are born with blue eyes but whose gene expresses a dark color will be their turn

Multi colored contact lenses like rainbow

Want to try for the first time the so-called “cosmetic rainbow colored contact lenses” but you do not know which model to buy among the huge choice that you offered? We offer a little shopping guide that will allow you to find your way easily. Visit to an ophthalmologist: We recommend first, if it is

Wearing contact lenses and dry eye syndrome in front of the computer

Dry eye syndrome is a well-known phenomenon that affects almost everyone. It concerns them that they are concentrated in their computer screen, a smartphone or tablet to work, play a game, chat or just surf the Internet. This phenomenon causes a variety of symptoms such as irritation, burning, tearing, light sensitivity, itching, eyestrain, or blurred

Why red eyes with contact lenses?

Different factors can explain red eyes, they appear because small blood vessels are dilated in the sclera, the white part of your eye that extends the cornea. Your eyes may be irritated, tired, itching or burning. But whatever the cause, it’s something you have to deal with seriously by doing the right thing, that is,

Change the color of your eyes permanently with an implant in the iris

This is a new purely aesthetic operation practiced in several countries that raises many questions and concerns among the medical world but could very well revolutionize our appearance. It consists of placing a colored implant in the eye. In practice, the ophthalmologist makes a micro incision in the cornea then poses a silicone implant of

Celebrities who wear colored contact lenses

As you know, many show business stars wear colored contact lenses to improve their appearance, to be at the top physically, to put themselves in the shoes of a new character and to play a role for example in the world of fashion , cinema, television or music. But they are not the only ones

Is there colored contact lenses for astigmatism ?

What to do when you are astigmatic? There are several solutions to overcome this deficiency. The most radical recommended for the most severe cases of astigmatism is to have a laser surgery to change the curvature of the cornea. The second is to wear glasses with corrective lenses and the third is to wear contact

How to take care of colored contact lenses

It’s a little jungle among contact lens care products, not easy to find among the hundreds of products on sale in trade and on commercial sites. Know that choosing your own is essential, it’s just as important as choosing your lenses because the solution will ensure that they are safe and safe for your eyes.

Can I buy color lenses without a prescription?

You would have liked to have turquoise blue eyes, azure blue, emerald green or hazelnut? All of these dreams are well within your reach today thanks to color contact lenses. Unlike the so-called ophthalmic correction lenses, purely aesthetic, but of the highest quality, fancy lenses can now be bought without a prescription. Just like makeup

What do color lenses bring?

Modify your appearance, change your eyes at the same time as your look with color lenses without correction, a very trendy accessory in Asia that is becoming trendy also in Europe and especially in France. Technological advances in this field now allow to obtain any rendering safely and comfortably. The possibilities are endless and really